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Here you have a list of Q&A about our Coworking Space in Barcelona city center, a comfortable business center in the bohemian quartier of Raval.

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What is coworking?

The coworking modality consists of sharing expenses, working in the same space, where the manager is in charge of the management of the same, taking care of all the problems that may arise, organizing acts for collaborations between coworkers and promoting the projects.

The shared space can be given in two ways. The strict coworking where we find the rent for individual jobs, sharing tables of 4 to 6 posts, in the same common area and also sharing the common areas. On the other hand, we also have the possibility of making use of private offices, which the client has a room with private access and other common areas, such as meeting rooms, rest rooms, bathrooms and kitchen.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

Our spaces have all the main services included in the same rate, which is always with an economical price. Moving in prices from € 90 to € 125 plus VAT per month for coworking places and from € 250 for dispatches. All our services include: an ergonomic chair a fixed space and a small storage space, but also a good fiber optic connection currently of 600 sim, unlimited access to space (24×7), use of meeting rooms without time limit , rest rooms, kitchens and networking meetings (the first was held in October 2018).

What services include our rates?

Apart from the space and furniture of chairs and tables, we have the cleaning service, technical support both maintenance and computing, use of meeting rooms both the space itself and the spaces of the group mgcoworking, without any additional cost. We have large common areas such as the sofas area at the entrance, the kitchen or the terraces. It also includes a general space insurance.

Why coworking?

We find two main reasons, first of all for cost reduction, which affects both companies (up to 30 places) and coworkers. The second and main reason is the work environment that improves the profitability of the work performed as well as the synergies that result from the space.

Each space is created by several professionals from different fields, which in networking meetings generate synergies to develop projects together.

Do we have offices?

We have offices, most of our surface is designed for companies seeking privacy because all the offices are isolated, have their own air and plenty of natural light. In addition each office has access to a private terrace that can be total or share it with another office.

How do I unsubscribe?

All contracts require a withdrawal request, this can be requested by email to admin@mgcoworking.com with the description of the contract service (office or coworking place) and the name, surnames and DNI of the contractor of the service. It is important to ask to leave at least one day before the last month in which you want to leave coworking. For example, if I leave the October 15, the last month would be November, being complete, as explained and exemplified by the contract.

Can I domicile? Can I receive packages?

You can domicile, also mark the location in google. The reception of letters is done through the general mailbox of the space and the packages we usually ask to notify the client upon arrival so that they have proof of their arrival, since the space does not have stamps.


The Internet network works with an intelligent network of 2.4g and 5g, which is accessed through the Wi-Fi repeaters found throughout the center or via RJ45 cabling. We currently have a 600 symmetric fiber.


It has a monthly fee without VAT, is paid at the beginning of the service and is returned at the end of this, when it is verified that everything is correct.